Getting Started With Doublechekk

Step 1: The Five Most Important Doublechekk Features

Learn the five most important features of Doublechekk by watching the video below:

  1. Marking a task as urgent, important, or completed
  2. Editing, moving, adding, or deleting tasks
  3. Adding dates and creating calendars
  4. Collaborating with others
  5. Using Notes and Notifications

Step 2: Build Your First Template

Templates are checklists that you create that are saved for later use. Taking the time to build your own templates means that when you are ready to start a new transaction, you can create a new active checklist in just seconds. You can either create your templates by editing one of our pre-built checklists or uploading your own:

A) For instructions on using our pre-built library of checklists as a starting point for creating your own template, click here for a PDF  or watch the video below:

B) To upload a checklist that you already have in either Word or Excel:

a. Click here for Excel PDF instructions or click here for Word PDF instructions, or watch the video below:

b. Now that your checklist is uploaded, click here for PDF instructions on how to edit your template, or watch the video below:

Step 3: Create Your First Active Checklist

Ready to start using Doublechekk for a transaction? Now that you have created your own template, it’s as easy as selecting the appropriate template, click “Use”, give it a name and away you go!

If you would like further assistance, click here to visit our Help Page where you will find a Full Tutorial video and a list of help topics.




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Getting Started With Doublechekk