Sharpen the Saw

Sharpen the saw!

Habit #7 from Dr. Stephen Covey

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have some time on my hands. So, what should I do with that time? Well so far, I have been fixing things around the cabin that have been broken forever, listening to some new podcasts, doing some old jigsaw puzzles and more. But I started thinking about what is going to happen when we get through this trial. So I have started researching some of the platforms that allow for remote meetings. There are some pretty exciting apps out there. While nothing will replace face to face meetings, there are some good alternatives. Will let you know what I learn.

Now what are you going to do to prepare for a return to (the new) normal? Are there skills and tools that will help you ramp up your business? Might this be a good time to look at adding checklists to your business processes? Should you decide to take another look at Doublechekk, please know that I am available to help and would love to have the opportunity to reconnect.

Stay safe and stay in touch!

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Sharpen the Saw