Want to Try Some of Our Real Estate Checklists?

While you are waiting for us to finish our checklist app, maybe you would like to try out a real estate checklist using old-school paper! Here are some links that will let you download a few checklists we have built for real estate. Note that these were developed for Washington State (more particularly for the NWMLS) but you should be able to edit them to work anywhere.

Give these a try and let us know what you think.

Buyer Under Contract Action Plan

Seller Under Contract Action Plan

New Listing Action Plan

*Note that these files are “View Only.” If you would like to make any changes, click “File” then “Download as.”

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  1. Gene Adams

    Listing add “Property On Septic”

    1. Doublechekk

      Hi Gene,
      Line 120 and 121 cover septic systems (OSS). Could probably expand that portion for those folks doing a lot of business in rural areas. The hope is that we can get feedback on these checklists and continue to improve them.
      In the future we would most likely have multiple checklists to choose from, ie condo, vacant land, floating home etc.
      Thanks for the feedback!

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Want to Try Some of Our Real Estate Checklists?